Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Drivel - Super Moon

I had to laugh. All the media hype about the super moon has left lots of people thinking that the full moon was going to be noticeably gigantic. While it might appear larger astronomically, it surely wouldn't look larger to the naked eye. Regardless, I think it was special to be able to go out a view this beautiful full moon. 

Up on our homestead, every night tends to be clouded over. Seldom do we see a clear sky until after midnight. Quite honestly, I wasn't up to the idea of dragging myself out of bed at 1 pm in order to look at the moon. Instead, we hopped into the car and headed south, planning on driving to South Point 14 miles away. But along the way we noticed the sky cleared enough to reveal the moon. Fantastic! As luck would have it, we have a friend along that stretch of road, so we begged to come sit on her lanai for a bit of moon gazing. 

Admittedly, cellphones make terrible moon photographing cameras. But snapped a couple and surprisingly they didn't turn out all that bad. 

It was comforting and serene sitting on the lanai, chatting with a friend, and sharing the experience. I'll be remembering this super moon for a long time. 

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