Wednesday, November 9, 2016

6 New Ewes

I had the opportunity to add some new blood to the flock, and I eagerly jumped at the chance. Because of dog predation last year, I'm down in ewe numbers. Plenty of rams but not many ewes. Plus with the past rains, I've got grass that needs grazing down. So I need more sheep. 

Another local farmer with a sheep flock had some stock he was willing to sell. 6 fine, young ewes. All grade hair sheep. 

Below, here they are in the back of my pickup truck. One buff, 3 pure whites, 2 black & white. 

When I released them into the pasture, about half of my original sheep came running over to check out the newcomers. The other half kept their faces buried in the haycube feeder. I guess they'll make their introductions after the food runs out. 

Needless to say, the rams found the newcomers to be highly interesting. Nobody is in heat, so it was just a case of introductions and getting to know them. Next year, the lamb crop should be beautiful! 

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