Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Daily Drivel

I very much needed a catch up day. I've the past couple of weeks I've gotten involved in lots of jobs that got 99% done, but not quite finished. I swear I inherited this tendency from my father. I swear! As a kid I remember that the linoleum tile never got laid inside my bedroom closet until the house went for sale. The basement floor got painted all except for under the utility sink. When dad painted my mom's storage room, he never got the part behind the storage shelves. I recall watching my mother painting that part after dad had called the job finished. And when he cleaned out the garage, there was always one corner or one shelf that he never got to. 

So today I had the opportunity to play hooky and do some beachcombing, but I felt that I really needed to tie up loose ends. Mentally I needed that. So I stayed home instead. All those unfinished jobs were cluttering up my brain and really dragging me down. Funny thing but I can deal with a disaster better than living with the idea of 100 unfinished jobs. 

I started out like a house on fire, knocking out one piddling task after another. Sew a button on hubby's shirt. Put the last of the cookbooks into the kitchen. Finish the trim edge on that last shelf in the pantry. Cart that last box of extra clothing down to the barn. Spray herbicide on that 100' of fenceline that I hadn't gotten to. Plant that poor rose bush that's been sitting there in a pot for the past month. And on and on and on. I was going along so well that I hated to stop for lunch. Ever experience that? Just on a roll and feeling good. Getting stuff accomplished. Man, I was good! 

Lunch was my downfall. As I headed south to my mother's house, so did my energy and motivation. Suddenly beachcombing sounded interesting. Back at the farm by 2 pm and I couldn't get back into gear. Being organized was no longer appealing. How is that? Blame it on lunch? Blessed rain finally came to my rescue. Now it was no longer my fault that I couldn't keep working, it was raining afterall! Funny, those mental games I play with myself. I could just shift the blame to the rain, then be just as "happy as a clam in mud" with myself. 

But the afternoon wasn't a total loss. After all, I couldn't just plop myself in front of a TV. Thank heavens I don't own one! But I did load the pick up truck with water, buckets of soil, bags of grass clippings, and plants for tomorrow morning at the seed farm. Before heading to a hot shower and dry clothes, I harvested a basket of assorted veggies from the garden. Tonight I plan to put together a few pots of soup fixins. Time to restock the soup reserves in the freezer.  Think I'll make one pot each of lamb, turkey, beef, and mouflon soup. 

Looking forward to tomorrow. Working at my seed farm is great. The view is wonderful, the constant breeze is uplifting. Tomorrow's morning goal is to water plants, spread more mulch, and plant sweet potatoes. My afternoon goals include finish sealing the livingroom floor and finish the kitchen shelves. I think that's all do-able. 

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