Monday, March 24, 2014

The Daily Drivel

Mondays are always busy days. Mornings are devoted to working at our community garden. What's not to enjoy about getting together with other gardeners, learning, sharing ideas, trying new things? It's a nice social gathering. Today I mowed grass for the clippings which were used to mulch the pineapples and potatoes. I pulled the rampant but non-productive sweet potato vines. Then made lunch for the group. Ah, a nice morning all in all. 
Somehow the rest of the day just slipped away. Fence fixing here, moving pallets there, putting tools away on one hand and gathering tools for tomorrow's project on the other. Man, what happened to the afternoon? Usually I have a good grip on my time, but something happened today. My schedule all went down the drain. By 4 o'clock I conceded it was a lost afternoon so I opted to take the dogs for a walk. They wholehearted approved as I lead them on a clandestine romp in the abandoned pastures in the national park. Crusty has put on some chub, so it's getting harder to hoist him over the fence. What gets me is that I know Crusty is quite capable of jumping a four foot fence, but he won't do it if I'm watching. So he leaves me to struggle hoisting him over the park fence. Thanks a lot, Crusty. By 5 all of us were exhausted, covered in weed seeds, and ready to call it a day.....a glorious nice kind of tired. A nice tired. By the way, I don't lift Crusty back over the fence on the way home. I simply walk away with the other dogs. Within two minutes Crusty joins us in walking the rest of the way home. Dang dog can jump it on the way home, can't he! 

Tomorrow is another day. I've told myself that I will tackle the driveway overgrowth tomorrow plus seal the new tile floor in the livingroom as compensation for today's lack of progress. But I know myself. I don't really expect to get both done. But hey, perhaps I will surprise myself. 
That overgrowth looks pretty thick. It's choking out the area and invading the driveway. That will be my morning target. And if I don't get too involved with it, I'll do the tile floor in the afternoon. 


  1. I enjoyed "The Daily Drivel" and hope you continue. I am one of those people that like to read about the everyday happenings. I also like seeing the pictures. I spend much of my time daydreaming and thinking about my big move (18 months to go). Thank you!

  2. Planning a big move? Where are you heading? Tell us all about it! You've got my attention.