Saturday, March 8, 2014

House Update - That Livingroom Floor

David was here this week and tackled the tile floor. He got almost the whole floor laid, and would have been able to complete it if we hadn't have been one bag short on the thin set. Drats. Miscalculated. 

The floor looks great. It gives an air to this project that the house is almost finished. Not true, but it's a nice psychological feeling anyway. 

Note to self : confine the dogs next time we use thin set. Crusty used the thin set to apply his signature in the hallway. 

Timeline: to Hilo and purchase another bag of thin set. Plus buy the grout.
...while at Hilo, buy materials to do livingroom extension floor (the lanai)
          Five sheets of durarock
          Flooring tiles
          Enough thin set ....note to self, add an extra bag to the estimate 
          Buy grout
... purchase the wood needed to finish the trim in the livingroom

The main living area is so close to being completed that I'm now sorting through my boxes of pictures, wall hangings, and other favorite saved decorations. Time to give the rooms a homey, personal touch. 

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