Sunday, March 23, 2014

New Daily Posts

Ok, ok. I'm gonna give in to the general requests to post something regularly about my daily life. So far to date I've just focused upon my homesteading journey, relating the progress, the failures and the fun, the how-to's. But so many of you shy readers have been asking for me to post something daily, something that I'm doing in my life even if it's not homestead how-I-did-that. At least it would stop the deluge of emails asking me if I'm ok when I miss a few days. 

So here it goes. I'll do it. I will make a daily post, but sometimes it will be about the homesteading adventure, and sometimes just photos or a story about my daily life. In order to differentiate the posts from homesteading info, I'll entitle them "The Daily Drivel". That way the people not interested in drivel can bypass these more personal posts. 

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