Friday, March 14, 2014

Livingroom Floor Update

Wahoo! The floor is almost done. David finished laying the floor and immediately dived into applying the grout. I choose a dark brown ground called Tobacco, but as David pointed out, it strongly brings Hershey's chocolate to mind. Made me hungry just working with the grout. 
The room took 3 bags of grout, so it was done in thirds. Easier that way since the grout tended to dry quickly. 
The finished floor really turned out pretty, in my opinion. Now I need to wait at least three days before we can give the floor a good wash then start the sealing process. 
I stepped back into the lanai extension to take a better picture to show the room. There is still trim work that needs to be done. And I'd like a different door that leads out to the hallway. Or perhaps I'll just paint it for now and see if we like it that way. We could always replace it later. 

Getting to this point feels great. The livingroom and kitchen were big hurdles. Neither is quite done, but it feels so good to be getting close to being finished. 

Next on the agenda:
....finish the trim in the livingroom
....finish the kitchen storage shelves (in place of cabinets) 
....when the tile arrives, finish the lanai livingroom extension

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