Thursday, March 27, 2014

Kitchen Finished !

Wow, it's taken a long, long time but my kitchen is finally done. Wahoo! Now the only thing that I still want to do is add some hooks, little shelves, decorations, and little stuff like that. But the basics are all completed. 
These kitchen shelves weren't what I initially had in mind, but they're a good second choice. I had hoped to have snazzy burnished copper finished metal mesh drawers, but trying to get what I wanted shipped here to Hawaii never seemed to happen. Hubby couldn't stand it anymore and opted for simple open shelves. Drawers could always be added in the future, if they became available. 
I lined the main shelf with that black, rubbery shelf liner. Living in an active earthquake area, it made good sense. Help keep things from sliding off during a shaker. And though its hard to see, the trim had a 3/4" lip to help prevent stuff from rattling off. 
I plan to use some sort of rolling box for under the shelf on the floor. For right now I'm going to use cardboard boxes so that I can get an idea of exactly the sizes I want. I want to figure out if I want one big box per section or two smaller ones. I'll check the stores and internet to see if totes on wheels already exist or if I'll have to fashion my own. 

If you haven't been following the building of the kitchen, the absence of traditional kitchen cabinets is no mistake. It is simply too moist here to have closets. The more air movement the better. Otherwise everything quickly gets covered in mold. Open shelves make much better sense. It just looks odd to the uninitiated. 

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  1. Sue J from Hawaii reminded me that there are down sides to moving into my finished kitchen. Most people wouldn't think of such things. But come to think of it, there are some definite advantages to having one's kitchen outdoors.

    ...cute little lizards and geckos watching me cook
    ...being able to be sloppy and just wash the mess off the countertop right over the edge if the porch and onto the ground
    ...flick vegetable peelings over the porch railing

    On the other hand I won't miss chasing flies or fighting mosquitoes.