Saturday, March 29, 2014

Seed Farm Beautification

The seed farm is just in its infancy, but I'm already thinking about beautifying it. Oh that will be a long term project I know, but I've started taking the little baby steps towards that goal. I'd love to see flower beds full of marigolds, pansies, daffodils, but they are a poor choice...guaranteed failure. I need the match the flowers' needs to the environment. 
Being that the farm is dry, I'm looking at succulents and other flowering or colorful plants that can survive. The ice plant is a prime candidate. I've seen thick beds of this plant growing at the Costco parking lot where it gets zero attention, other than getting weedwacked back. It roots easily from cuttings, so I've just planted a few dozen segments. 
Bromeliads are a family that can grow right in the rocks. No soil required though a little is preferred. 
They come in a variety f colors, sizes, and shapes. So I'm adding a few here and there as I find interesting ones. 
Some prefer shade, some sun. So there are varieties that are suited for just about any spot on the seed farm. It's wonderful having a plant the even I can't kill !!!
Some succulents might not be colorful but they have interesting foliage or growth habits. As a plus most don't require fertile soil. Perfect for this piece of land. Next time I head to town I intend to pick up an assortment of baby cactus. The trouble will be that I won't know which varieties they are so I won't know how big they will grow. It will be a surprise! So I will give it my best guess in choosing where to place them on the farm. 
The plumaria grows like a tree and produces very colorful flowers. Whites. Yellows. Pinks. Reds. Bicolored. I've planted six small trees and I'm hoping that they're all different colors. I think that they are, it was my intention. Time will tell if they indeed are. This yellow one is the first to bloom. 


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  1. Ah, yes, the plumerias are quintessentially Hawaii! So many variations, but the leaf drop and blossoms seem perfect for fast composting. Maybe some of the gangly Costco iceplant might fall into a bucket if you parked right next to it? Happens for me and guavas, yeah yeah yeah?