Monday, March 3, 2014

New Cat Shelf

My house is multi sided, though not actually a hexagon. So I get corners here and there that I'd like to be useable space rather than just be useless corners. Just outside the newly enclosed lanai which has become an extension of the livingroom, I ended up with one of those useless corners. So I decided to make a nice set of corner shelves there, planning to use the upper one for a decorative sculpture, gourd, or perhaps a plant, and the lower one for storage. But one of the cats had a different idea. 
Fluffy Peter has taken a shine to the new shelf. "Purrrrfect", he says. "Just the right spot for a catnap." When I tried to sneak up for a quick pic, he gave me stink eye and refused to budge. He's laid claim to the shelf, having found and used it first. "You can't have it woman. I found it all on my own. Go find your own shelf!" 

Me thinks this shelf won't be very practical for anything lightweight or breakable. Cats have a habit of shelf clearing when a favored laying spot get cluttered. Guess I'll just give in and concede shelf ownership to Peter. 


  1. Stink from a cat is powerful - you are akamai to cede the spot, maybe make a little soft pad of old towel as a peace offering. I have yet to see stink eye from a dog, though.

  2. OOPS! I somehow deleted "eye" from "stink eye" !! (Stink bad too...)