Sunday, March 30, 2014

Living room Done ! ... Uh, almost

The livingroom is finally....almost...done. Close enough to count as done, as far as I'm concerned. It still needs three pieces of surbase trim plus one doorway to be trimmed. Oh yeah, the door between the livingroom and hallway needs to be replaced. While there's nothing functionally wrong with the current door, it looks more like a tool shed door than an interior home door. Hubby wants to put in a glass door of some sort. Something prettier. We want to keep a door here so that the livingroom can be closed in when we have a fire in the woodstove to heat up the place. The room heats up faster that way. 
This past week the tile floor got sealed. The last of the electrical outlets installed and functional. The room trimmed out except for a little bit. That trim is cut and ready to be nailed into place. We just ran out of time this week and will do it next. 
(Floor sealer just applied. It dries clear.)

Gosh, it feels great...... kitchen and livingroom completed. Yes, it's been a long time coming. 

Now it's time for the fun stuff. Decorating. Creating book and display shelves. Adding color and accents. Figuring out where to place a few pieces of furniture. And the ultimate most difficult decision-- where to place the trash basket. Don't ask me why, but we have differing opinions as to where the trash bin should be. The dogs think its best someplace on ground level. Easier to root through that way. Humans feel it should be high up off the floor, to the extreme disappointment of the dogs. Guess who rules? Sorry but I'm not into cleaning up the floor each morning. So the higher the trash basket the better. 

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