Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Starting seeds

While the mini greenhouses still need some repair (age and high winds weren't kind to some of them), I'm going ahead and starting seeds. There's enough houses in good condition to be homes for the container boxes and seed trays.

Old tofu containers make nice seed starting trays. I use a soldering iron
to burn a few holes in the bottom for drainage, 
Several of the cooler containers are now cleaned, refilled, and ready for transplants. First crops in will be carrots. 

Seeds that I've started so far include.....
Carrots (ya ya, oxheart, amarillo)
Leeks (King Richard) 
Bok choy (extra dwarf)
Kale (thunderhead, blue curled vates)
Celery (Chinese pink) 
Tomato (black icicle, orange icicle, black beauty)
Squash (golden glory)
Cucumber (picolino, socrates, itachi)
Portuguese cabbage
Winged bean (urizun Japanese) 
Celeriac (giant Prague) 
Chard (verde de taglio) 
Beets (avalanche) 
Pepper, sweet (mini bell mix, pretty-n-sweet)
Assorted flower(cosmos, marigolds, vinca, impatiens) 
Papaya (waimanalo) 

Tomorrow I'll get another group a seeds sown and I'll let you know what I've chosen to start. Some of the things I'm starting will be for hydroponics. Others will be in slug-free containers. Yet others will go into the main garden area. 

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