Thursday, June 6, 2019

More Seeds and Plants Started

Did some more seed sowing and added some more items to the list .......

Onion (yellow spanish) 
Tomato (black vernissage)
Squash (black beauty zucchini, desert zucchini, dark star zucchini)
Lettuce (green ice) 
Parsley (evergreen, Italian) 
Basil (genovese)
Cucumber (bella, saber, puccini, nokya)
Carrot (solar yellow)
Pepper, sweet (buran)
Papaya ( local variety) 
Assorted flowers (forget me not, johnny jump up, alyssum) 

With the squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and peppers I'm only sowing 3 seeds each. These plants will be going into the greenhouses so I don't need very many plants. I'll save the extra seed for starting more new plants later. 

I also has some questionable seed on hand. It was old and I didn't know if it would germinate. Rather than use a garden bed, I opted to start some in pots. It's just to see if the seed is still good. If anything sprouts, I can always transplant it into the garden.....
Beans (red swan)
Lima beans (eastland, and an unnamed black & white lima) 

I've also done a bit more planting......
8 pipinolas
6 pineapple tops
16 taro starts 

So the plantings to date this year come to.....
400 square feet of cholesterol spinach
19 pipinolas
18 pineapples
32 chaya cuttings
4 banana trees
16 taro

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