Monday, June 10, 2019

Pallet Boxes for Potatoes

I've been making more boxes as I have the wood pallets available. Along one side of the sheep paddocks is an area with only an inch or so of soil. The only thing that will grow is tropical grasses, and even they have a hard time making roots. Thus they grow in a mat that can actually be pulled up like a sheet in places right off of the pahoehoe lava beneath. It's really weird. It's like having a grass carpet. 

This is the area I'm building more pallet grow boxes. It's a method whereas I can grow food. So far I have 10 boxes made, filled, and planted with potatoes. 

Here's a quick description of how I make these....
... I cut the pallets in half retaining both cross pieces for stability, then screw four together into a box. I'll use pieces from the discarded section to fill in any big gaps on the sides of each box. 

... To make them more visually pleasing, I paint the sides. 

... Next I place cardboard on the bottom to help keep the grass farm growing up through the soil. Then I line the sides of the box with some air resistant material. Currently I'm using black plastic trash bags. 

Several layers of cardboard on the bottom. Then I use a staplegun to Lin the sides with plastic trash bags. 

... Then the boxes get filled with my homemade compost. After watering and settling for a couple days, I'll plant them. 

Coarse compost fills most of the box, then compost is used to top it off and plant into. 

After planting, don't forget the label. 
These boxes are made very much like my compost bins. But they don't have a side that is removable. And they are only half as high. I find the height to be very ergonomic. Just right for an old buggah like me. 

Once this row of boxes is completed I plan to make more for other areas where there is little or no soil. I might grow more potatoes, or I might try something else. Time will tell. 

Two months after planting, the potatoes look great. 

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  1. Hi there! I´ve reading your blog for a few months now and I so very happy to had found you! I´m a really novel person with the country living, but I´m very determined to make it work for me and my husband :-) I wanted to thank you for sharing your experience and everything you implement at your place, it is very inspiring. This is a great idea and I´m sure going to copy. Sending warm greetings from Spain (well... not so warm since we are having the first snow of the season!! :-D )