Monday, June 17, 2019

Solved One Roach Problem

Bought a new truck...........roaches gone.

Yup, the old truck had roaches, a common problem here in the tropics. Easiest way to get rid of them without using toxic pesticides is to trade the old vehicle in. The dealer will fumigate it, as part of their vehicle preparation program. So I don't feel the least bit guilty giving them a truck with resident roaches.  

I wasn't in the market for a new truck. Hubby and I have been looking for a reliable 4 passenger used car, but nothing interesting has come along in our price range. So it looked like we were going to have to up our price range some. So I got to thinking. The money designated for the 4 people car, the costs involved with transferring and insuring it, plus having a mechanic look it over the costs to fix the current truck and the upcoming maintenance, new brakes and new tires, plus the need for a new fuel pump system soon (it's making noise and of course it's out of warranty) , plus some other suspected issues.... add to that the tax benefits of a new farm vehicle.......well it actually was a better idea to look at a 4 passenger new truck than to buy an additional car. As long as we got a decent trade in value, the numbers said that we would actually have more money in our pocket on January 1, 2020 plus the benefit of a newer truck with a warranty. So we went truck hunting. 

After reviewing our options, we ended up with a Nissan Frontier. It has all the extras we wanted. And not too many bells & whistles that we would never use. And it is a more comfortable fit for my body than the other trucks we tried. That's a plus on this aging body. Hubby and I discussed the pros and cons of the other trucks, and the Frontier was way ahead of the others. It looks like it will be the right truck for me at this time.

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