Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Spied a New Mushroom

There's lots of different kinds of mushrooms and fungus growing on this farm. It's been really moist recently with the almost daily evening rain, so some of them are "blooming". Today I spied a new one I haven't seen before. I honestly don't know one mushroom from the other, but I can recognize the ones that grow here. I don't have the foggiest idea what varieties they are, nor if any are edible. Surely I am no mushroom expert...not even a fledgling student. 

Here's my new one..........

I found it growing off the root of a jacaranda tree that had died a few years back. 

Over the years I've introduced a number of mushrooms to this land. Fungi help support soil fertility. They are a major component of healthy soil ecology. Without them, wood and woody materials wouldn't decompose. So rather than waiting for decades for mushrooms to naturally come to this farm, I have the habit of collecting them and bringing them home. But thus new addition arrived in its own. Perhaps on the roots of the jacaranda tree when it was planted decades ago? I want the one who planted it, so I don't even know where the tree came from. 

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