Wednesday, September 5, 2018


Boy, you guys are observant...... "E" just emailed me asking what was dangling from my wrist. 

Ok, working on the farm I don't wear jewelry, so you can rule that out. And I don't believe in talismans and lucky charms. It's not a mosquito repellent gadget. It's a whistle! 

When I first got Noodles, I would whistle to get his attention and train him to return to me. He responded really well. But as he grew bigger, he ranged further and further away. You see, he has a full 20 acres here to run around on. So sometimes he was out of range of my measly weak lip puckered whistle. Hubby suggested using a small but shrill whistle that is sold on Amazon. So we ordered a pack of four. I choose the black one to put on a ring and slip over my wristwatch band. 

Noodles is a big boy now, but I still use the whistle to call him. It's shrill, piercing, and carries a distance. 

Even if I didn't have Noodles, I like the idea of carrying a loud whistle on me at all times. I usually work alone, so if something were to happen where I couldn't walk back to get help, I could try to attract attention via the whistle. It has it's nice safety feature side to it. Yes, even if I don't have a farm dog, I'll keep wearing the whistle. It's small and I usually don't even notice that it's dangling from my wrist. 

I can hear it now.....why don't you just carry a cellphone? Yes, I already do that. The cellphone is almost glued to my hip. I carry it everywhere. But most of the farm isn't within cellphone range. Nada. Dead. Zip. So the whistle has its value. 

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