Sunday, September 16, 2018

Farm Update

Not so chatty on the blog lately, but I've been busy with community life and working on the farm. One day was dedicated to a local spay/neuter clinic. Another to training a group of new flock keepers how to do the basic husbandry with their sheep and demonstrating castrating, deworming, shearing, and hoof trimming. Yet another day devoted to getting ready for another possible hurricane, though this one actually passed us by. 

Around the farm, work is a constant. The grass grows and begs to be mowed. Garden beds demand weeding and mulching (mulch material is a by-product of the grass mowing. It's so nifty to be able to "stack" the chores.) Pineapples need picking and tops need replanting. Lilikoi is starting to come in. More banana  bunches are ready. And so on, and so on. 

For those who are counting, I've just added 14 inividual pineapples to the tally. I also planted 4 more banana trees. Plus 6 more pipinola scattered about under some trees. 

By the way, it's lilikoi and pineapple season once again. The lilikoi are a bit later this year than last year, perhaps due to the wet weather. And they aren't as abundant. The pineapples are right on time. Yum! We've harvested about 2 dozen so far, with half the crowns being replanted into my gardens, the other half going to Adam. I've only managed to get 4 ripe pineapples into the freezer because we've been gobbling the pineapple up almost as fast as we are harvesting it. By the way, I grow predominately white pineapples. I've got some gold ones mixed in with the whites, but by far we prefer the whites. 

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