Wednesday, September 26, 2018

More Fun With Noodles

Noodles got all jazzed up for his Sunday visit with Loki and Luna at the Ka Lae Coffee shop. 

That's Loki in the background, a big tan mastiff like looking dog that is always mistaken for a Tosa Ainu by the Japanese tourists. The Japanese and Chinese tourists always want a photo of themselves with Loki, though all are very careful not to get close to him. Little do they know that Loki is completely friendly, totally unlike the Tosa that they mistake him for. 


  1. Why do you spray paint on your dog? That looks like animal abuse.

    1. I use temporary hair dye that comes in a spray can. It's not paint.

      Noodles thinks it is grand to get sprayed. He stands quite still for the actually dye spray, but afterwards jumps and frolics. He knows that it means that we are going to visit his doggy friends. Yes, he's excited. He doesn't object to the dye, he has no negative response. Contrary, he gets excited and happy. Therefore it's not abuse. If he didn't like it, he wouldn't willing jump up on the grooming table and allow himself to be sprayed while standing there non-tethered. It's all voluntary on his part.

      The dye is temporary and washes out. If I don't bathe him, the dye wears off in about 10 days all by itself.

  2. Isn't white pineapple non-acidic?
    If you scavaged flat pieces of hard black lava (I saw it on the Big Island) and dry stacked or mud-mortared you could have a solid security wall around your property with no animal escapes or intruders. It would be labor intensive but free materials?