Saturday, September 22, 2018

Response to the Anti-vaxers

"T", and others, sent short scathing remarks about my practice to vaccinate my animals. First of all "T" et al, I've heard all those parroted remarks before. Secondly, they don't even begin the challenge my opinions based upon my own experiences, observations, and education. For me, science trumps heresay and woo-woo every time. Your anti-vax remarks don't even come close to the real facts. 

Vaccines are used to avoid serious health problems caused by viruses and bacteria. In many cases, those problems are serious enough to result in death. Vaccines help protect against the "preventable", although no vaccine is 100% effective for every individual. 

As a livestock owner/steward, I feel it is my responsibility to care for my animals in a sensible way. That includes protecting them from easily avoidable death. Thus in addition to other good husbandry practices, I take further steps. I confine them in such a way to prevent them from being taken by hunters or hit by cars. I use pasture and pen fencing that deters stray dogs from entering and killing. I remove toxic flora and fauna from the farm, such as fireweed and cane toads. I maintain a deworming program to prevent death due to internal parasites. I take measures to prevent death due to flystrike. And........ I vaccinate against diseases that occur in my area.

I'm not going to get into an argument here with the anti-vaxers. That's just like arguing that the world is round with the flat-earthers. So no matter what I say, the anti-vaxers won't consider it. 

I use vaccine because I can afford to, because I have my animals best interest in mind. I don't vaccine against things that are not a problem in my region.....thus I'm not "vaccine-crazy". If you don't want to vaccinate your own animal, then learn to accept the consequences. Keep in mind, it will totally be 100% your own fault that they got sick. In my career I've literally seen several hundreds of unvaccinated dogs and cats die from preventable diseases including  parvovirus, distemper, leukemia, rabies, Lyme disease, leptospirosis.  Preventable by correct vaccination. 

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