Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Homemade Door Handle

"T" wrote to ask about the weird handle on the little shed that was just painted multi colors. "The door handle looks unusual. Could you tell me about it?" 

Yes, it's not from Home Depot. It's made from a small branch from one of my ohia trees. It's naturally shaped like that. 

I like using natural items from the farm. Many of my handles and towel racks are tree branches or bamboo. Besides being cool, I like the idea of my homestead providing for itself. Why spend cash for somecplastic & chrome handle from the hardware store? Heck, I can whittle my own for free. Two screws are all that is needed to attach the handle to the door. Simple. 

I grew up being taught to buy stuff at the store. Homemade was looked down on. I finally broke away from my brainwashing and now delight in handmade stuff, especially if I (or one of my friends) makes it. 


  1. That is incredibly cool! The only reason I would prefer brass doorknob is the antibacterial qualities of the metal. Which I presume is why we started using them.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Sue. I like the wood simply because it comes right from the farm. Oh I have store bought handles too on some io the doors. But the wood ones are way more cool!