Monday, January 1, 2018

The New Year

Just a quick update:

Having just spent the holiday season catching up of little things around the place and not quite getting anything completely done, we finally decided to spend the first day of the year doing nothing. How about that! Now that's something different for us. We ended up driving down to South Point to greet the first day of the year, its first sunrise and its companion sunset, plus a bonus -- a full moon. 

Yes, cellphones take terrible moon photos. But you're stuck looking at this one when, if I had a proper camera with the right lens and filters, you could have seen one spectacular super moon rising over the rolling cattle pastures right on the end of South Point. Instead you're stuck looking at a white blog. Oh well. 

We were invited to numerous gatherings today, but spending time at South Point seemed like the right thing to do. One is not completely away from civilization down there, but it's easy to disconnect and block out everything but the geography and nature around you. I always feel better after spending time there. 


  1. those are gorgeous, so beautiful! thank you for sharing. I have questions I would love to ask you, do you respond here? or have another email address? I love your blog and enjoy it each time. thank you


    1. Welcome Marika! You can leave comments right on the blog, or you can email me directly at