Thursday, January 4, 2018

No Production Records To Date

Since I was posting statistics, "A" emailed to say that he wanted to hear some of my gardening statistics, since it appeared that I was keeping detailed records of the farm. Sorry to disappoint you "A", but I haven't kept any real records, other than what I've posted on this blog. 

Why haven't I kept records? takes up precious time wasn't important enough to me
...I'm not obsessive about statistics
...I don't weigh my harvest
...I don't count my seedlings and plants
...I don't measure the square footage of my gardens
...I have more important things to do

Having said all that, I do indeed believe that keeping records can be important. But I'm basically going along on gut feeling for now. When it gets more important to know the real figures, I'll consider writing things down. 

Having been growing things for several years now, I know what to expect from certain crops/animals. I know that more than a dozen ewes is too many, and the flock averages about 1.5 lambs per ewe twice a year. I can handle under 100 chickens but not over. One or two milk goats is plenty. Zero cows is a perfect number. 

A full bed of Chinese cabbage is too much at one time. 500 onion plants a year isn't nearly enough. A dozen cucumber plants producing at a time is sufficient. One tray of radishes a week is fine. Sowing one box of carrots a week works out almost perfectly. Sowing one bed of beans every week is right for now. And I could easily double my banana trees without having too many bananas. 

Once I'm devoted to making a livable income, I'll probably be more apt to keep better details. But for right now, I couldn't tell you how many pounds of peas or tomatoes I'm harvesting each month. Nor how many potatoes each variety produces. Perhaps in the future that will change. 

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