Sunday, January 14, 2018

Am I Prepared?

Missile alert ! 

Things sometimes get interesting, that's for sure! I've been looking at our situation and trying to evaluate just how prepared we were if it had been the real thing. 

Water - we have 2 large covered catchment tanks of water which we can easily disconnect the intake pipes (rain gutters) to help protect the water. We have 35 gallons of emergency ready-to-drink water stored under the house. Plus we keep 5-15 gallons in the house for regular use. We also have 1 large uncovered catchment tank that we use for agriculture, plus numerous ponds with water that can be used for livestock. So on the water situation, we're covered. 

People Food - we have a decent supply of back up food stored in the pantry and freezer (assuming that we have electricity- otherwise we eat out of the freezer first), although the menu will be boring after a week. Safely eating out of the gardens will depend upon the wind and rain patterns. 

Heating fuel - plenty of firewood stockpiled.

Animal food - enough to last a few weeks before the cats and dogs have to start eating something other than kibble, assuming of course that available pet food in the stores might be an issue. 

Medical supplies - well stocked, including hubby's prescription meds. 

Gasoline - this will be an issue. But we will be in the same boat with everyone else. We keep 20-25 gallons on the farm, plus the cars are kept tupped up, but that won't last long. We will have to be attentive to conserving gasoline until things return to normal....if ever. 

EMP protection - I don't know if there is anything we could do that would be practical. Practical is the magic word here. Protect the vehicles? Protect the solar electric system? Protect the generator? Making a true Faraday box building would be incredibly expensive and difficult. A steel or aluminum building simply wouldn't work. They would help somewhat but they wouldn't work. 

Communication - Unknown. Will there be functioning electricity? Cellphone? 

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