Monday, January 8, 2018

New Piglet

A new addition to the farm today -- a tiny piglet. Tiny indeed! 

He's a little feral pig, and very, very thin. I'm guessing him to be 3 to 3 1/2 weeks old, but it's hard to gauge because he's so malnutritioned. Obviously lost from his mom, he was destined to die. But friends of mine found him wandering alone, managed to get some food into him, and offered him shelter until I could go retrieve him. 

Until I can get a proper shelter and run built, he will temporarily stay in an old dog cage and use a small pet carrier as his "house". And while I will be putting hot water bottles into his house at night for him to snuggle up to in addition to a fluffy blanket, he needs something for extra warmth for while he's running about. So one of hubby's socks got turned into a piglet sweater. (Sorry, hubby.) the little guy took to the sweater within 30 seconds. Guess he suddenly felt warmer. 

Getting him to eat hasn't been a problem. He readily chows row dog food soaked in lambs milk, plus willingly suckles a bottle of milk. 

Once sated, he returns to his little makeshift house. He's not interested in checking out his pen yet. Just wants to eat and sleep. 

At night I'll cover the cage with a tarp to keep out the wind and chill, plus add a hot water bottle. I hope this little guy makes it. Tomorrow I'll deworming him, and if he's healthy next week, I'll neuter him. 

Now....a name. Since he will be a pet for my wwoofer, I'll let Adam name this little fella. 

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