Sunday, September 14, 2014

I Could Have Done Better - Woodstove

There's nothing wrong with the woodstove itself. In fact, I'm quite happy with it and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for something to heat a small space. It's the installation that needs some tweaking. 

I built a plinth for the stove, getting it up off the floor for easier use. I'm past the time in my life that I want to be on my knees stoking and cleaning a woodstove. So the pinth has worked out wonderfully. The problem lies in the amount of overlap I allowed for in front of the stove. It could use another 6 inches at least. 
In the photo you can see the problem. When the stove has been running for a while, the coals and ash build up. Thus when the door is opened, sometimes some will spill out when I go to add more fuel. In my case it's not a fire hazard because neither the pinth or floor is combustible. But it surely is messy. If the plinth extended out another 6 niches, any ash or embers would spill onto the pinth and not the floor. 

When everything else is finished on the house, I plan to go back and build those extra 6 inches. 

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