Saturday, September 6, 2014

Drivel - Gifts in Jars

Several times though out the year we enjoy sending some gifts to mainland friends. While hubby hits the stores for most of his gift items, I look closer to home. I'll buy handmade items at our local farmers market plus choose things that I've made myself. So my gift list is composed of handcrafted spoons, small glass sun catchers, sandlewood incense, local handmade granola bars, local crafted soaps, coconut frond baskets, kukui nut leis, carved coconut shells, etc. 

I often send packets of my own processed macnuts, a favorite among my friends. And home dried tropical fruits : rambutan, pineapple, banana, jackfruit. Commonly I'll include jars of my own honey or homemade fruit syrups......lilokoi, mango, guava, etc. 

I like the pretty-up the jars, considering that they are gifts. I especially do this around the winter holidays. It is so easy to do and cost just pennies, sometimes actually zero! Often I am given unwanted or damaged aloha shirts. Sometimes I'll buy one real cheap that catches my eye at a yard sale or at the thrift store. Once I bought for just pennies a piece of cloth left over someone else's craft project. They make a nice decoration with a bit of Hawaiian flavor. 
Of course I first wash and iron the piece of clothing........nothing like sending a box of gifts that reeks of  someone's body sweat! You talk about authentic Hawaiian!!! Then I'll cut out circles. Just place one atop the jar before putting on the ring. Wallah! 

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