Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Drivel - Super Moon

Hubby and I picked up our photographer friend, Peter Anderson, yesterday evening. We were in search of a good location to get a photo of the full moon. It was suppose to be one of those so called "super moons", one that appears bigger than normal. The sky didn't look so promising from our homestead, but this being an island, things can change dramatically in just a mile or two. But alas, at Peter's house the sky looked no better. Nevertheless we headed off to Honu'apo. 

Honu'apo isn't a town, it's a location. A spot along the coast that historically hosted a pre-contact Hawaiian settlement, and ended up today as a public park. Sometime in between it was used for processing sugar cane and as a shipping port. It would be a grand location for a photo shoot. But not this time. Clouds. Rain. Squalls out in the ocean. 

After an hour of hoping for improvement, we gave up. Perhaps next month would be better. Last month sucked too, but eventually we should get a clear night......hopefully. 

Peter surprised us today. Sent an email with the moon shot, for real! Just a couple of minutes before midnight the sky over his house cleared enough to show one mighty fine moon. Wow, way to go, Peter! 

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