Saturday, September 13, 2014

Grass....and More Grass

I swear I can hear the grass growing! And it just won't quit. This summer has been a perfect year for grass. Warm. Lots of rain. Keeping this grass from taking over everything is a serious challenge. I just get one area whipped back into shape and other areas are threatening to become totally unmanageable.

 Plus to make things worse, my riding mower is now out of commission. I decided to change to new blades, and while removing the right side blade, the bolt stripped. No matter what I did to try to prevent ruination, the bolt beat me. So not only is the bolt ruined, but so is the spindle. This means that I need to drop the mower deck, remove the mandrel, replace the spindle, then reassemble. Plus hope that the bolts holding the mandrel don't snap when I remove them. Plus order a replacement bolt to hold the blade on. Geeeez. Luckily I already have a new replacement spindle, and new mandrel bolts if I need them. BUT if those old bolts snap then I need a new mandrel because the chances that I could get the snapped off bolts drilled out successfully are slim. Oh, oh....I see a headache coming on. 

I'm labeling this post "Drivel", but it really should be called "Whining, Moaning, and Groaning". I'm well past the complaining stage when it comes to this dang grass. I'm surely entering the whining-woe-is-me stage. But I suspect no one is feeling sorry for me. And to tell you the truth, next year when I'm in the middle of a severe drought whimpering about no rain, I'm going to look back to now and say that I was crazy to be complaining about the grass. 

I'll take photos as I make the repairs to the mower, then post them. But what I really could use are about 50 sheep for a few weeks. Shame I just couldn't borrow a flock of sheep for a while. 


  1. I'm told that a blend of ATF - automatic transmission fluid - and acetone will work to penetrate the threads on the mandrel, better than WD40 or da kine. Let it soak overnight, then - Good Luck!

  2. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely keep it in mind and use it in the future!