Saturday, July 26, 2014

Trailer Added to the Homestead

A new piece of equipment added to the list.....a used trailer. I've been looking for a trailer for a while, but everything so far has been more money than I wanted to spend or the wrong type of trailer. Since I wasn't in a hurry, I had the opportunity to be picky. 

The other day, well it actually was two weeks ago, I arrived at the community garden and started working along with one of the early arriving volunteers. While working, a mutual friend of ours drove by with a trailer in tow. The volunteer mentioned that our friend had the trailer for sale. Wow, really? I'll buy it! I know the trailer and it would be perfect. Instantly dropping everything, I ran to hop on the ATV and head up the road to the macnut farm where our friend worked. 

Farm gate already locked. Drats. Back to the garden to see if the volunteer had our friend's cellphone number. She was one step ahead of me, but the call didn't have a good signal. It was one of those "can you hear me now" kind of calls. So it was back to the macnut farm to figure out how to get in. 

Looking at the fence with its two strands of barbed wire atop it, I decided it wouldn't be such a good idea to try climbing over it. So I eyed up the gate. Hummm. Do-able. Yeah, I know I'm in my 60's, but I ain't a cripple yet. So I scaled the 6-7 foot metal gate and over I went, leaving the ATV outside. Hiking up to the barn I was surprised to see our friend coming down the hill on the 6 wheeler. Guess he was just as surprised to see me hoofing it up the driveway! 

Anyway, I successfully clinched the deal. I'm now the proud owner of a flatbed trailer. 
So what do I need a trailer for? Hubby asked that exact question. I would be able to transport a larger load of supplies, meaning less trips to Kona or Hilo. Plus if all my purchases fit in the truck bed, then I'd be able to stop by the recycle yard and load the trailer with composted mulch for the garden. I've often wanted to pick up 20' long lumber or pipe, or 16' hog panels, so with the trailer I could do that. Plus carting the big lawn tractor to a mowing job will now be easily do-able leaving plenty of room to bring home the grass clippings. Yes, I'll use the trailer. 

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