Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Ka'u - It's Sunsets

I've often emailed my mainland friends photos of the beautiful sunsets here. When I first moved here, I oooo'd and aaahh'd over them just like my old friends do. But I'm finding that the problem now about our Ka'u sunsets is that I'm far too use to them. Sometimes days can go by and I don't even notice them. 
But they can be spectacular at times. Especially when the clouds are just so. 
The beautiful colors are because of our erupting volcano. Yup, air pollution! The vog particles cause the pinks, oranges and bright reds. When to volcano is really putting out and the winds blow the vog out to sea and around to Kona, we in Ka'u get a real show. 

All the following photos were taken by Peter Anderson down along South Point. The point area gives a grand vantage point to watch the sunsets. In fact, hubby and I go down to eat a picnic dinner there, hoping to see a sunset better than ones we've seen before. 
Peter captured a real pretty scene above. Horses silhouetted by one gorgeous sunset.  
Yes, the colors can be this grand. Peter often takes a long exposure shot when the sun has set, making the scene all that much nicer. No need to photoshop the pics. 
Even when the vog isn't blowing right, the clouds can make our sunsets impressive. 
Every day is different. You never know. 
I've included this photo even though its not a sunset yet. It is just too pretty to leave out. 

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