Sunday, July 20, 2014

Little Porch - Update

David finished cutting and gluing the tiles in place. With the weather being so wet in combination with no wind, the glue took a whole week to set. But finally I was able to get the tiles grouted. Hey, looks pretty good, I must say. 
Just a bit of trim work to finish up and it's done. Check off another one on the job list! 

"Wishfulfarmer" asked via email, "How do you get all those tiles cut on a slant? Do you live near a store to do that?"   I'm using a tile saw that looks sort of like a table saw. It has a water tray under the blade so that the blade stays wet while cutting. Surprisingly it does a good job for a little saw. The cuts are straight and clean. Quite professional looking. Considering that we are laying tile in most of the house, the saw has been an excellent investment. Once I am done using it for floor tiles I plan to keep it for awhile. I'd like to try my hand at some artistic work with cutting coral and lava. 

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