Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Drivel - 10 Things I've Learned About Homestead Life

I figure I can get away with posting one more list, but I don't think I'll press my luck after this one. So here it goes.....

...the plumber's helper is designed to pull a clog back up the pipe, not push it down and thus jam it harder. So it's better to gently push the plunger down until it's made a seal, then jerk it back up. (Learned by experience, the hard way!)

...bicycle inner tubes pieces are great for temporary repairs on leaky pipes, hoses and propane lines. Good for quick tie downs for tent canopies to ground stakes, temporary fence repairs, holding a cooler shut. Almost as many uses as duct tape and better than duct tape for many jobs. 

...chickens are great at converting non-edible "food" into something edible in a hurry. So is a pig. 

...grow your own foods. We feel better, healthier, happier when eating homegrown foods, or gathering and trading for local foods. 

...lose my temper on an animal for just five seconds and it may take five years (or forever) to repair the damage done.

...I CAN live just fine using very little electricity and water. Living off grid and catching rainwater is now preferred by both of us!

...re-use and re-purpose instead of buying new. "McGyver" what you need. 

...low input, low impact, low waste. 

...don't try to make gardens picture perfect, just make them productive. 

...start every homestead project with a small test project first. If it works, then expand to a bigger arrangement. 

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