Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Drivel - Those Socks

On a previous post I had mentioned that I go through three pair of socks on a normal day. Three? Yeah, that's what people have been asking since I made that post. Did I really mean three? Well, the answer is yes. I guess it's because I wear Crocs, but my socks get really muddied when I'm working outdoors. And my work Crocs don't even have the holes along the sides! 
Perhaps if I acted like a lady.....whatever that means......I wouldn't get so dirty. But that surely ain't gonna happen. I'm thoroughly enjoying digging in the dirt, running the rototiller and mower, pulling weeds, making compost, planting stuff. And the socks tell the tale. 
So I change my socks at lunchtime and again at dinner time. They get pretty dirty. 

"Deli Guy" suggested that I forego the socks, just wear the shoes. But there's a reason that I'm wearing socks. The skin on the tops of my feet was severely damaged by sunburn about 12 years ago. Since then it easily gets damaged if I don't wear socks. Any shoes quite quickly can wear a hole in the top of my foot. 

Speaking of wearing a hole.........the soil here is quite abrasive. Hey, I live on a volcano, so it's no surprise that the soil is volcanic. There is a lot of volcanic cinder and ash in my soils. It acts like a polishing grit and is quite good at making holes in my socks. The first spot to fall victim is the heel. 
Next is the ball of the foot. I continue to wear socks with the heels out, but when the hole at the ball section gets bigger than a half dollar, I finally call it quits. The socks get uncomfortable to wear at that stage. Plus they can be a challenge to get on! ......too many holes for toes to get stuck in. But the socks don't get throw in the trash. Some get cut open and used for rags. Other get cut into strips and used as garden ties. 

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  1. I run through 2 pair a day when I'm busy. They get worn out fast, but I often will put on two pair at a time when they aren't too holey. After washing, I sort them out for "last use" duty with other rags, where they get put to cleaning the gunk and grime on the engine compartment, or worn over a nitrile glove for carwashing of the rims, rocker panels, and da kine. They go into the trash bin at that point, they have served me well.