Sunday, July 20, 2014

Lanai - Finishing Touches

Before moving furniture in, we wanted to get the lanai officially finished. That meant making the door thresholds and installing the ceiling lights. So I pleased to announce....ta-da......we're officially done! Yippee! Another room complete. 

Hubby is the one who decides upon the light fixtures. While I don't really care as long as there is light, he's real picky. Oh my,  it can be agonizing watching him trying to decide which fixture to buy. None are "the one", so he has to get the best alternative. I try to find something else to do in the store while he is weighing all the options. It's just too painful to stand there and watch the process. 
He decided on this goody from Home Depot. 

Disclaimer ........ This is not instructions on how to install a light fixture. So I'm not going through the steps for you. But after checking the box to be sure all the parts were present and ok, the next step was to prepare the ceiling receptacle. 
Ready. Next was to prepare the wires on the fixture, lining everything up. And checking to be sure there is nothing wrong with the fixture that we can see.
Now connect all the wires correctly. I helped by holding the fixture up, except when I called a time out to snap a photo. Screwing the fixture into place and the job is just about done. 
The end result turned out just fine. The addition of three small bulbs and it was ready for testing. Yup. Worked just fine. 

The other job to finish was custom making the door thresholds. The openings use to house two big sliding glass doors, but we now have them as open walkways. Being that the lanai was an open porch about two inches lower than the living area, we had to do something about that drop. The easiest thing was making wooden thresholds. 

I had picked up slabs of ash to use for the thresholds. Several people had suggested ash. I checked with David before buying ash just to be sure he could work with it. Thumbs up. Ok then. David went to work in that wood and came up with a decent final product. We're happy with the results. 

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