Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Windstorm Clean Up

It's been quite a while since we had blustery winds. With these sort of windstorms, it's not uncommon for branches to break off from trees, and whole trees to topple. Happily this storm wasn't a bad one. But we had 3 small trees tip over and two dead ones go down. All were simple to get to and remove. My neighbor, Matt, wasn't as fortunate. He had one big tree come down, but it was along our shared fence line, so it took out the fence and gate too. Bummer.

Heading over to Matt's with a chainsaw, It only took an hour to delimb the trunk and cut up the trunk, leaving 6' attached to the stump. But it will take Matt a lot longer to get rid of all that debris. He plans to find a spot in the woods to drag it to. 

Now for the stump. This one is beyond me, David, and Matt. So I called out for help. My neighbor, Rick, lives across the street and stopped by today to see if this is something he and his machinery & expertise can handle. He seemed confident that this tree wouldn't be impossible to deal with. 

Between now and Friday afternoon when Rick is due to return, Matt, Adam, and I plan to prepare. We have taro plants to salvage, banana keiki to remove, and twisted fencing and bent t-posts to eliminate. Plus the pile of cut tree limbs and trunk. I'm confident that we will be ready. I'm really interested to see how Rick manages to fix this mess. He's far more experienced than I with this sort of thing.  

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  1. I can empathize. We've lost so many trees in our woodlot because of storms. Nice to have neighbors to help!