Thursday, May 2, 2019

Goat Terminology

Around me there are not so many goat breeders. But there are lots of goats. You drive around and spy many a goat tied out in people's yards. Some of these goats are doing lawnmower duty. They are a combination pet and weed eater. But many others you see only are there until the next holiday. They're invited to the next family or party as a central guest......cooked in the imu, smoked, or cooked on the grill. Goat is a popular and normal table food here. 

Caprine - scientific term pertaining to goats.
Flock - a group of goats.
Buck -- intact make goat. Also sometimes called a billy. 
Doe  -- female goat. Also sometimes called a nanny. 
Kid -- baby or young goat. 
Buckling- a young male prior to sexual maturity.
Doeling- a young female prior to sexual maturity.
Wether - a castrated male goat.
Kidding- the act of birthing baby goats. (Next time you say ," I'm just kidding." think of this!)
Disbudding - the removal of the horn buds at a young age, rendering the kid hornless.
Banding -- the placing of a tight rubber band around the base of the scrotum for the purpose of  castration.
Chevon - a young goat for slaughter to be slaughtered about weaning age. Also a general term for goat meat. 

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