Friday, May 10, 2019

Tree Stump Gone

My neighbor to the rescue!

As I mentioned yesterday, we had a large upended double tree stump on the fenceline between our farm and Matt's. When the wind blew the trees down, it lifted their stumps, pulling not only the soil with it but also the fence and gate. While we had no difficulty dealing with the tree limbs and trunk, we were totally stymied by the stumps. Thus the call for a neighbor across the street. 

Today "R" arrived with is Bobcat Whatchmacallit with a bucket attachment. Believe me, it's one little nifty piece of machinery. "R" went to work on the stumps and lifted them, shook them around a bit getting most of the soil off, and hoisted them off to the woods. Matt was so impressed with how easily it got done that he asked if a medium sized ironwood tree along the fenceline could also be removed. Amaziningly, "R" used that little Bobcat to knock the tree right over then picked it up and carried it back to the woods. Then he kindly flattened out a bit of a rise on the far end of Matt's garden, a rise that had been troubling. Wow. In less than 30 minutes the job was done!!!!!!

Stumps gone. Now we just need to level the soil and till in compost, 
I am very appreciative of all that "R" did for us. 


  1. That's the kind of equipment Dan wishes he had. I keep telling him the stumps will decay in the ground and build the soil, but he isn't buying that. ;)

  2. I agree with Dan, this kind of equipment is so handy and can do jobs so fast & easy. While I've dreamed of owning a skidsteer or mini-excavator, I know that I never will. I have absolutely no knowledge of how to maintain and repair one. New ones are very expensive. Old ones need constant attention. I'm not able to do new, or keep a worn one running.