Friday, May 26, 2017

Potato Flowers

On this beautiful sunny morning (yeah, no rain!), several of my potato plants busted out with flowers galore. Were they also happy to see a bright sun? 

Not all my potato varieties blossom. But this time around I have three different ones that are maturing at the same time, and each has beautiful flowers rising above their foliage. And each one has a different colored bloom. 

A white flower lightly streaked with purple.

A dark, all purple flower. 

Pure white. 

On a whim I picked a fistful of flowers, brought them into the house and put them in a small vase. Lovely! Hubby had no idea that they were from common potato plants. It was fun to surprise him. 

In a few days the flowers will drop and I expect many will produce fruits. The fruits will be green, hard, and the size of a common marble. One could harvest those seeds and plant them, if looking for a fun experiment. The seeds would not produce true to its mother, but would produce a range of variations. While many would not be worth keeping, some very well might be. Who knows, one of those seedlings could be the next great potato variety! Most likely not, but one can never tell. 

I've never tried growing potatoes from seed. I might be something fun to do some day. 

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