Monday, May 8, 2017

Secret Garden Wall Extension

It's been many months since I've photographed the wall running along the driveway and the Secret Garden. As I acquired suitable rocks, I kept building the wall, often as a team with David, my farm handyman. We actually got the wall completed, but........... But? Yes, we reached our goal.

(Above....the first section of the wall, on the right. It gently curves along the driveway, up to where the driveway splits in two.) 

(Above....pictured from the split, looking up to where it ends. Hard to see, but the wall runs along the right hand side all the way up to the clump of trees.) 

Got the wall built right up to where the Secret Garden ended and the driveway made a 90° turn toward the house. The end is at the double tree trunks. The crooked tree limb laying on the ground in front of the wall will be used for the next road signpost. This spot just begs for some yard art! 

Here's a better photo showing the 90° turn. With a bunch of suitable rocks on hand, it almost seemed a shame not to continue the wall. We've been at this task for months, so it seemed natural to continue. 

So we ran a stringline, dumped a pile of rocks, and began our way toward the house. There's no hurry to finish the wall. We'll just keep adding rocks as I gather them. When either of us has a few minutes between other jobs, we'll just go puzzle in a few more rocks. 


  1. Your lovely pictures and wall building post lightened my day. Thank you :)

  2. Please post that last picture on permies.