Sunday, March 8, 2015

Taking a Break

After two months of pretty intensive work, hubby and I have decided to take a break. Time to relax for more than just 30 minutes at a stretch. Time to recharge ourselves. I don't know about other homesteaders, but I tend to work for long stretches of time then need a few days off in arow. About the only things done during a break is tending to the critters and the solar system. 

So what have we been up to? Visiting friends. Taking a car ride. Reading books. And going on a whale watch boat ride. Last year I think that I posted some whale watch photos. The trip this year was great too, but I spent most the time watching rather than photographing. 

Thus all my photos are rather dull. No fantastic leaps. No twists in the air. No tail slaps. Yup, it was more fun watching. 

I've known farmers that never leave their farms to go on vacations away. I can understand the reluctance to leave. But I suspect that they took breaks from time to time, catching up on reading or hobbies. I know that I need to do that from time to time. I don't feel the least bit guilty that I need a break. I just take one and return ready to go again. 

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