Monday, March 2, 2015

Porcine Romance

First of all, a bit of an update. Hammie is still living with us. Hammie, if you recall, is the female black pig that was sold along with Chopper. But alas, the buyer never picked up Hammie. The buyer's life changed and she ended up moving to the mainland, thus leaving Hammie behind. She opted to give ownership of Hammie back to me. So that's how it stands. 

Hammie's a big girl now. But she's stayed a nice pig. Well mannered. Not mean. Being mostly feral pig type she's small by domestic pig standards, but it's a good size for me. I can handle her easily. She's not too big. And on top on it, I've gotten fond of her. She has a cool personality. She plays games, comes when called, and is pretty neat. 
Above, she's enjoying a treat of dog chow, not the normal daily fare. But it's something she dearly loves. When it's time for her to come back from browsing the pasture and return to her pen, the call of "peeg, peeg, peeg" brings her running. It means that there's something special in the feed bowl. 

A friend happens to have a pet pig, a boar named Rocky. Apparently Rocky has recently reached puberty and has become quite a randy teenager. My friend has been complaining about his annoying randy behavior. Our two minds got together and we decided to introduce Rocky to Hammie. Porcine matchmaking, so to speak. We concluded that if Hammie were pregnant I'd be able to sell her without her instantly ending up in an imu ( picture- roast pig in the ground). And if she didn't sell, then I'd end up with piglets which are very easy to sell around here. 

So Rocky arrived a few weeks ago. The first time Hammie was in heat (most farm animals are only receptive to breeding a certain times, when they are "in heat") Rocky tried breeding everything and every way, all but the successful way. New to this sort of thing and not having read the instruction booklet (do guys ever ask for directions?), he didn't know exactly what to do. So when Hammie went out of heat, I opted to wait three weeks to see if she were perchance pregnant.

Not............ Hammie came into heat again yesterday.

Rocky must have learned something 3 weeks ago because he's the experienced suitor now. Gentle. Ear nuzzler. Sweet, deep voiced grunter. All the right pig stuff. Hammie's in love! The veil has been lifted from her eyes and she now thinks he's handsome, suave, and incredibly romantic. How could she has seen him as a disgusting pen mate, a competitor for the food, a pain in the neck, a worse nuisance than a little brother? He's the perfect pig now as far as Hammie is concerned. A she'll think that way for about 3-4 more days, whereupon once again Rocky will return to being thought of as just a gross pig to have hanging around the house. 

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Hammie ends up pregnant! 

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