Tuesday, March 3, 2015

My Homestead Food Diary

I've been asked many, many times to list what I'm planting, harvesting, foraging, and otherwise bringing in to support the homestead life.....and list it on an ongoing basis. I've finally giving in to the requests. I will start posting a weekly diary, for a while at least. We'll see how it goes. Keep in mind that I work a little bit on my gardens practically every day. A little here, a little there. So I will just tally things up and post them once a week. I hope this helps those interested readers in getting ideas for their own self-sufficient lifestyle projects. Just keep in mind if you're trying to emulate my efforts that I can generate food year around here, which is different than most regions. 

Since the community garden workers come together on Tuesdays, Tuesday evenings would be a good time to post this info. I can list what went on with my personal homestead and what went on in the community area.  Rather than go into detail about how much, I'm just going to list what got planted & harvested. I'm not OCD, so I'm not big on details. And quite honestly, if I start keeping detailed records like that, it will cause me to lose interest. Instead of this being fun, it will become drudgery. Ugh. So just assume that most things are just a bit of this and that. 

One more thing. I'm listing the Community Garden because I do my share of work there, thus share in the harvest which helps sustain the homestead. 

So here it goes for this past week...............


... Taro, dasheen type
... Sweet Potato, orange variety
... Snap peas, Tender Sweet
... Green Bean, Maxibel
... Lilokoi plants, several

Seed Farm:
... Assorted succulent cuttings

Community Garden:
... Potatoes, 3 varieties
... Green Beans, Maxibel and Provider
... Snap peas, Sugar Ann
... Radishes, French Breakfast
... Turnips, Tokyo Cross

HARVESTED (includes foraged and traded for)

Homestead: eggs, bananas, taro (dasheen and poi), sweet potatoes, green beans, chard, beets, spinach, kale, various herbs, lilokoi, mulberries, ground beef, sweet rolls

Seed farm: nothing

Community Garden: radishes, kale, sweet potatoes, green beans, snow peas 

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