Saturday, March 14, 2015

Homestead Totem Animal

I got a different kind of email question today. "Snowbird" asked, "What is your farm's totem animal?" 

Wolf? Lion? Eagle? Badger? Ram? 

So I emailed back, "What is a totem animal?"  I'm told that it is a spirit animal that represents the traits of the farm and serves as a special representative or has a special relationship with the farm. Spirit animals serve not only as symbols, but provide guidance via their traits. 

Ok. Now what. I'm not into mysticism, but what the heck. Which  animal, with it's unique traits, characterizes my homestead? Uumm, I haven't a clue. So I googled it! :)      "animal totem meanings"

The first site on the list was It has quite a nice list. Going from one animal to the next, I took a fancy to some. I kind of like "coyote", but that's more personal than anything to do with the homestead. And by the way, I like coyotes. But when was the last time I saw one trotting around Hawaii? Ok, back to the list. 

Skipping all those animals not seen in Hawaii, like alligator, camel, rhinoceros, and so forth, I honed into "turkey". Hey, I liked "otter" better, not fair! 

Playful, friendly, dynamic, joy, helpfulness, and sharing

But turkey was listed as....

Generosity, life-giver, and sharer

which better represents the homestead better. 

So it looks like my homestead farm's a turkey. Gee, that doesn't sound all that good. 

Although turkeys regularly visit the farm, they're not always all that welcome. They can do a lot of damage in the gardens, but then again, they make for some good turkey chili or tacos. So if the turkey becomes the farm's totem animal, does that mean I have to be nicer to them? 

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