Saturday, March 21, 2015

Living in Eden?


My hippie post must have stirred up some brain cells somehow because several people asked me if felt that I considered myself living in Eden/paradise/utopia? Huh? Homesteading not for the lazy. Try thinking-- Labor. Long days. Dirty. Sore. Sweaty. Not an idyllic life in Eden. And not the fantasy dream of hippies, either.

Ok. Now that I've said that, I'm thinking "paradise". Well I am in Hawaii afterall, right? And I am on my own independent homestead, free & clear. I have plenty to eat and drink. I don't freeze. I'm not in debt. The homestead is fairly self supporting. I'm not hiding out from the authorities. Nor am I being dominated by a warlord. I don't fear for my life. So perhaps I am indeed living in paradise. I've worked hard and paid my dues along the way, so this paradise didn't come free and easy. But it's now here. 

Visualize this........beside a small painted barn stands a stocky, aging, rough handed woman concentrating on painting a farm sign. It reads "Paradise Acres" in yellow paint on a fresh green background. .....Naw. Sounds way too corny. 

So what's the name of our house? Hale Oop. (hale in Hawaiian is pronounced like "hal-ee" like in the word alley). I think you have to be in my age group to get the pun. 

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