Sunday, December 21, 2014

Unexpected Goats Join the Homestead

Well, I've been considering adding a goat or two to the homestead, but I had a Nigerian milking doe in mind. Something that would give us some nice milk for our coffee, some creamed gravies and soups, and goat milk for a little cheese. Also a small breed that wouldn't be as apt to jump our fence. I wasn't ready yet to make the move, but figured that I'd look over this coming spring's kids and see if my heart got hooked on one, possibly two. 

Ha, dump those plans! Out the door! Kaput! We just now opened our farm to three goats in need. They are Hawaiian feral goats, caught over a year ago and tamed down quite a bit since then. They're Spanish type. Being feral one never knows if there are any domestic breeds mixed in, but the billy looks real Spanish. I can't even try fooling my mind that they are even the slightest bit Nigerian. Egads, look what I've done. 
But hey, the billy is pretty cool looking. Uuuhhh, ignore the smell...... Take a gander at those horns. Neat, right? Reminds me of motorcycle handles. Appropriately his name is Harley. 
Then there's the skinny little brown doe. A homely sack of bones, but at least she doesn't have lice. She's named Nani, which is Hawaiian for beautiful. 
And finally the black, one eared doe. The guy we got them from called her Honami. Well I think that's what he said. Supposedly that was his ex-girlfriend's name. I wonder if she had only one ear too? 

The two does are pregnant and Honami looks like she'll be the first to kid. She's bagging up, so I'm guessing it will be sooner than later. 

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