Tuesday, December 2, 2014

New Additions - Kittens

We didn't go looking for kittens, but we happened to stumble upon two skeletal babies in dire need of help. So dire that one was seriously close to death. So what could we do? We didn't need more cats on the homestead. The group that we already have are capable of eliminating most of the rats and mice. But there was no way we could walk away to let them starve to death. Starvation in addition to being lost is a miserable way to die. 

Molly .....
Found in the street down the road from our farm. Frightened, she kept her distance but she would meow back to me as I talked to her. The leftover chicken salad sandwich that I had in the car brought her out of the woods. She dove upon it , not caring that I slowly crept up on her. I was able to snatch her by the back of her neck and get her into the car. Wrapping her in a jacket, she rode the rest of the way home on my lap wrapped up tighter than a burrito. 

After a couple days of unlimited food, Molly started to play and show her personality. It was obvious that this was no feral cat. She was familiar with a house and household goings on. She willingly came to people and loved petting. This kitten had been cruelly dumped on the side of the road with no means of water, food, or shelter. Judging from her condition, she had been without food for 7-10 days. I'd like to take the person who dumped her and drop them atop Mauna Loa with no food, water, or shelter and see how good they are at surviving as they make their way back to civilization. 3 to 4 days walking without food or shelter might make them think differently........naw, they're probably too stupid. 

This is the second kitten, now called Toi. Toi is about 5-6 weeks old. She showed up by our front door, but when we went out she ran away. A feral kitten. We hoped it's mama was nearby. But several days later we found it down by our gate, so weak it was barely able to stand. I was able to just walk over and pick it up. She was somewhat dehydrated but extremely thin and weak. When offered food, it really wanted it but was too weak to eat more than a mouthful at a time. An IV injection of dextrose perked her up enough to get her eating. 

Now that Toi is eating, she is doing fine. She eats anything and everything. We believe that she is from a feral mama since two nights ago a feral female came through the yard calling that kitten calling sound. Plus she looks exactly like Toi....black, short haired, no tail. Mama is real spooky and acts like a typical feral. Toi has a bit of that feralness in her, but our constant petting, holding, and free food has gotten Toi to like people. We assume that Toi got lost while her mama was moving the kittens to a new location. Mama came back looking for her. Sorry Ma, but we aren't giving you your kitten back. Toi will be much better off being a house cat. (The vast majority of feral kittens die.)

So we didn't need two more kittens, but hey, we have plenty of room here. Two more wont make much of a difference. 

Welcome to the family, Molly and Toi. 


  1. Oh, yeah, you you got two new helper critters, just fitting into the homestead's schedule of operations. Thank you for literally reaching out to help those little ones.

  2. Sorry - I wasn't trying to stutter.