Friday, December 26, 2014

Another New Lamb

A few days ago the farm got another new resident, a beautiful black lamb. Judging from the markings and confirmation, Eram is the daddy of this one. 
I was delighted to discover that it's a female, so she'll be a keeper. She is healthy and frisky. 
So far this year, all the lambs have been big singles. All the ewes are first time moms. Sometimes these big singles can cause birthing problems, but the ewes didn't have any problems. Since the ewes were able to readily birth a large built lamb, then they are good candidates to stay in the flock. Next time around I'd like to see these ewes producing twins. Any ewes that do will earn a gold star, because this is the trait I want to see in my ewes. Big singles first time around....twins or big singles second time and thereafter. I'm not looking for triplets or quads. 
This little girl doesn't have lots of confidence but she is curious. Not quite sure enough to come right up to me, she likes to get close and give me a serious looking over. Boy, she's cute. 

I should have 2 more supposedly pregnant ewes in the flock. One I'm fairly certain is pregnant, the other isn't giving me a clue yet. But I jut recently was given an old Doppler machine, one that can pick up feral heart beats. I'm curious to see if it will work on sheep. I'm going to toy with it and see if I can find the feral heartbeat. It will be a nice tool if I can. 


  1. Hi, Su Ba,
    Looks like your keyboard has an "R on T" [in EKG terms, that can result in Vfib], but I'm sure you "fetal" heartbeat - might be a feral fetal heart tone.... Hey, Merry Christmas - Mele Kalikimaka, and Makahiki for New Year, too. (I do know it, but this computer is having fits, so I gotta keep it short, yeah?)
    Very nani lamb, there! May she bring you much good fortune next year!

  2. LOL! I missed that typo, but it sure is funny! 'Course 'round here we've got plenty of feral. You name it....cats, dogs, parrots, pigs, sheep, goats, cattle, even people!