Friday, December 19, 2014

Drivel - Farm Name and Motto?

"Goatfish" asked me in an email what was my farm's motto and name. Well I never really thought much about the farm having a motto. And my farm's name? Hummm.

While living in England I discovered that most traditional homes have names. It's actually delightful. I can't recall too many of the actual names now, but the last placed we lived in was King's Barn. Homes often had country names like Foxglove, Primose Cottage, Badger Corner, Cartway, Pheasant Hide. I loved the idea of a property having a name, but it's not an American thing. Although hubby and I named our places in the US, the names never took on a life of their own. They just never stuck. And when we moved to this place in Hawaii, hubby jokingly named it Hale Oop. This too has never blossomed to life. We never refer to the place as Hale Oop. 

As for a farm name, I've never really christened this homestead. Perhaps I should. Should I use a Hawaiian name? 

As for a motto........
I find it interesting that lots of people have a favorite saying or motto for going through life. In fact, most people I've talked with about this idea have at least two, sometimes even several favorite sayings. Some folks use them to keep their lives focused. Others say they help to keep them from being too serious or too critical. Here are some of the ones I liked--

Falling on one's face is still moving forward. 

Simplify, simplify, simplify. 

Live life every day. 

If its worth doing, it's worth doing wrong. (That happens around here a lot as I'm learning the how-to's!)

Failing is simply a learning experience. 

Facts seldom get in the way of someone else's beliefs. 

Don't believe everything you read or hear. 

It's better to be prepared and not need it than to need it and not be prepared. 

When someone tries to hand you their anger, frustration, and sadness you don't have to accept it and make it your own. 

When life gets too stressful to be enjoyable, it's time to lower one's expectations. 

It's hard to get bent out of shape if you're flexible. 

The best way to win a battle is by not even going there. 

Give back more than you take.

Do no harm. 

No regrets. 

Zero waste. 

Leave only footprints. 

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