Thursday, December 11, 2014

Localvore Revisted One Year Later

Ever really try to eat just local foods? Wanna be a localvore? There for a while last year the term localvore was being thrown around quite a bit. It was even in the local newspapers, and I believe there was some sort of a localvore festival up north. But the excitement has simmered down. I suppose people discovered that being a localvore was difficult, expensive, and awfully boring at times. Luckily one doesn't have to give up coffee or tea around here when practicing localvore habits! Thank heaven they both grow on this island. 

Being a localvore sounded so "green" last year. But as I said, reality must have dulled the sparkle. Being a real localvore there would suddenly be no grapes, cherries, apples, peaches, cantaloupes, pears, or cranberries on the table. No asparagus, garlic, rutabagas, turnips, or celery. Not that these don't grow around here, but they don't show up anywhere for sale. No bread of any sort, no pizza, no rice, no noodles. Oh sandwiches! What am I gonna do for lunch? Oooo, no mayo? No mustard?  

It wasn't long before all talk of localvore stuff quieted down. I don't hear it mentioned on the local chatter. 

But for anyone still interested in the idea, there are other considerations. One certainly needs to be adaptable and flexible. Many foods are only available when in season. Others are only available hit and miss. Some are never available. No imported foods! It makes for a challenging dinner menu. 

I give credit to those people who are still dedicated to the idea of a localvore lifestyle. The rationale is good, but the implementation difficult. Once upon a time everybody ate a localvore diet (except for salt and spices), but not anymore. I don't think the kids of today could conceive of what it was like back then "in the dark ages". 

Ok, I can see the emails now. Freeze foods. Can the foods. Dehydrate stuff. Yes, yes, yes. I fully agree with you. BUT.....the people that I know who had gotten into being localvores were not the farm wife types. They worked 8 to 5 jobs out of town and were very into self image and fashion. Not the type to slave over a canner, though they might agree to pop a plastic bag of broccoli into the freezer. 

I myself really like the idea of eating localvore style. I'm not a true localvore myself because I do eat 2-3 restaurant meals a week, will trade for certain out-of-area foods, and buy certain things like grapes, apples, melon, vinegar, spices, oils, olives, herbs. But the basic concept makes sense. Well to me it does. Psst, don't ask hubby. He's very pro buying food from the stores. 

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  1. I'm pretty much the same as you but I do find myself thinking about it a lot. "What if" scenarios and all that. Dan was recently out of work for over a month so at almost every meal we talked about things we couldn't buy and changing eating habits. Eating habits are mostly, well, habits. I feel fortunate that I can grow quite a bit to eat. I just need to do better.